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History of Hakuzo
From the viewpoint of doctors and nurses

Since its establishment in 1953, Hakuzo Medical has supported the front lines of medical treatment and nursing care through a variety of products and services.
Hakuzo Medical puts itself in the user??s position, walking along the same perspective of users who are engaged in medical treatment and nursing care to provide users with truly meaningful products and services.

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From 1990 to 2009

Year Events of the Company Major Social Events
December 1993 Kumamoto Plant spun off and Hakuzo Medical Kumamoto Co., Ltd. established (currently, Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Plant).

Kumamoto Plant
(currently, Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Plant)

1993: J-League started
May 1994 Opened Shikoku Sales Office in Toyohama-cho, Mitoyo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture 1994: Opening of Kansai International Airport
January 1995 Name of Sasaki Bandages Co., Ltd. changed to ??Hakuzo Medical Corporation?? and that of Sasaki Medical Sales Co., Ltd. changed to ??Hakuzo Medical Sales Co., Ltd.??  
October 1997 Opened Tokyo Liaison Office in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.  
July 1998
Completed Technical Center in Tondabayashi City.
Opened Training Center of Home Helpers (Class 2)

Technical Center

1998: Nagano Olympics
February 2002 Hakuzo Medical Technos acquired ISO9001, 2000 certification.
Acquisition of ISO 9000 Certification

Hakuzo Medical Technos

Acquisition of ISO 9000 certification accompanied an unexpected outcome. Through discussions held many times at each workplace of Hakuzo Medical Technos, communications among employees at each workplace and among workplaces became increasingly active. This continues to spawn further improvements in operations.

Home Helper Training Course

For the purpose of developing home helpers with Class 2 grade who can provide practicable care services, it started in June 1998 with designation by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture.

2002: Co-holding of FIFA World Cup by Japan and Korea
July 2003 Completed the 5th construction of Hakuzo Medical Technos
(new construction of sterilization building and expansion of Eleze Building, etc.
January 2004 Hakuzo Medical Sales Co., Ltd. was merged with Hakuzo Medical Corporation. 2004: Athens Olympics (Greece) Japan won a record high 37 medals
(Gold: 16, Silver: 9, Bronze: 12)
August 2004 Opened Mie Sales Office in Yokkaichi City.
February 2005 Expansion of Alcohol Building in Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd. 2005: The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan (Love Earth Expo)
December 2006 Expansion of Laboratory in Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd.  
January 2007 Expansion of Kyoto Sales Office  
April 2008 Opened Fukushima Plant in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture  
August 2008 Moved to new Headquarters Building, built in Tokui-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City 2008: Four Japanese awarded Nobel Prize
(Physics: 3, Chemistry: 1)
January 2009 Upgraded Tokyo Sales Office to Tokyo Branch
Upgraded South Osaka Sales Office to South Osaka Branch
Upgraded North Osaka Sales Office to North Osaka Branch
May 2009 Opened Sendai Sales Office  
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