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History of Hakuzo
From the viewpoint of doctors and nurses

Since its establishment in 1953, Hakuzo Medical has supported the front lines of medical treatment and nursing care through a variety of products and services.
Hakuzo Medical puts itself in the user??s position, walking along the same perspective of users who are engaged in medical treatment and nursing care to provide users with truly meaningful products and services.

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From 1970 to 1989

Year Events of the Company Major Social Events
October 1971
Opened Kyoto Liaison Office in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City (currently: Kyoto Sales Office in Fushimi-ku)

Product line-up around 1975

1970: Osaka World Expo '70
February 1972 Opened Kumamoto Plant in Shichijo-machi, Kumamoto Prefecture, 1st construction completed.
Opening of Kumamoto Plant

Kumamoto Plant at opening

Opening of Plant in Shichijo-machi, Kumamoto-ken was decided not only by the enthusiastic invitation by the local municipality but also by the fact that the Company had many employees from Kumamoto.
The Kumamoto Plant which was completed in 1972 (now, Hakuzo Medical Technos) was previously the premises of a kindergarten. Now there is the Melon Dome on the other side of the road, in which the Shichijo-machi Local Specialty Center is located, which sells local specialties of Shichijo-machi.

1972: Sapporo Olympics
1973: Oil Shock
1975 Opened Development Department and Sales Promotion Section
Enhancement of development system

Development Department (Technical Center)

Development department personnel of the Company often visit customers with sales personnel unlike other manufacturers. The Company, which focuses on responding to individual needs of customers by special order products, often develops general-purpose products, getting hints from individual needs. This is the first step in development efforts by development personnel to get closer to users with sales personnel.

August 1977 Opened Kumamoto Sales Office in Tsuboi, Kumamoto City.
Transmitting Information to Users

Hakuzo Medical has continued information transmission to users, through various lectures and exhibitions, including N&S meetings, which continued from 1974 to 1994.

October 1978 Opened Kitakyushu Sales Office in Yahata-Nishi-ku, Kitakyushu City (currently, Kitakyushu Branch)  
July 1979 Established Sasaki Medical Sales Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
(later, the company name was changed to Hakuzo Medical Sales Co., Ltd.)
February 1981 Hiroshi Sasaki, assumed office of the 2nd Representative Director  
September 1982 Opened Hiroshima Sales Office in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City
(currently, Asa-Minami-ku)
1982: JPY500 coins were issued
July 1985 The present headquarters building was newly constructed in Honmachibashi, Chuo-ku.  
February 1987
Newly established Mihara Distribution Center and Mihara Plant in Miharamachi, Minami-Kawchi-gun (currently, Mihara-ku, Sakai City)

Mihara Distribution Center

1989: Era changed from Showa to Heisei
September 1987 Completed GMP Plant and Sterilization Processing Plant at Kumamoto Plant.

Sterilization Facilities of Hakuzo Medical Technos

Sterilization validation is an important requirement in conforming to GMP standards. The Company organized its production system for sterilized products from the beginning of 1970??s, which has led the industry and has been highly appreciated by many users. Thorough efforts for sterilized products led to GMP Plant certification and acquisition of ISO 9000 certification of the Kumamoto Plant.

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