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History of Hakuzo
From the viewpoint of doctors and nurses

Since its establishment in 1953, Hakuzo Medical has supported the front lines of medical treatment and nursing care through a variety of products and services.
Hakuzo Medical puts itself in the user??s position, walking along the same perspective of users who are engaged in medical treatment and nursing care to provide users with truly meaningful products and services.

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From 1950 to 1969

Year Events of the Company Major Social Events
August 1953
Former President Eizo Sasaki founded Sasaki Shoten (Trading Company) in Karamono-machi, Higashi-ku, Osaka City

Shop at the time of establishment

1953: Machikomaki in vogue, full-scale TV broadcasting started
January 1954 Company changed name to Sasaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
Transformation of Trademarks

As a Chinese proverb goes, there are "three animals crossing a river, a rabbit, a horse, and an elephant. In particular, it is said that the elephant crosses a river with extreme caution, although it has a huge body. The trademark indicates the company's attitude of not risking danger, is not moved by anything, and makes efforts toward objectives in a calm manner.

Products of then Sasaki Shoten (10m gauze)

Around 1956 Direct transactions with medical institutions, including hospitals started.
Direct Sales System

Shop counter at the time of establishment

Customers around 1955 were mainly small businesses whose business foundation was weak and the risk of bankruptcy was not low. The great objective of the start of direct sales to medical institutions, including hospitals around 1957 was to diffuse such risks. Now most sales are comprised of direct sales to medical institutions. Our sales style which ??maintains close ties to users to respond to needs promptly and precisely?? by a direct sales system was originated in risk management.

1959: Marriage of Crown Prince
February 1963
Changed company name to Sasaki Bandage Co., Ltd.

First newspaper advertisement

June 1964 Opened Kobe Sales Office in Suma-ku, Kobe City
(currently: Kobe Branch in Nishi-ku).
1964: Tokyo Olympics, Start of services of Tokaido Shinkansen
October 1966 Headquarters building completed in Bungo-cho, Higashi-ku (currently: Honmachibashi, Chuo-ku)
Increase in sales quantity

Sales car around 1965

Let??s look at the increase in sales quantity from changes in transportation means. At the time of establishment, deliveries were all conducted by bicycle. Often with products fully loaded on bicycles, delivery was made in a whole day from Ikeda-shi to the north and Izumi-Ohtsu to the south. In connection with the increase in quantities and customers over time, transportation means were altered from scooters, motor tricycles and then small trucks and minivans equivalent to today??s light cars. Now large vans are used.

1966: Beatles toured Japan
Around 1967 Released ??Menkaku?? (square cotton of 4cm x 4cm)
Special Order Products

??Menkaku?? developed from the perspective of users

Square cotton of 4cm x 4cm, which is now popular. It was first commercialized by the Company under the name of ??Menkaku.??
Absorbent cotton was mainly produced in a 500g size and users cut it to appropriate sizes. A sales person of the Company, who saw cotton being cut at a site proposed machine-cut cotton sizes in advance which led to pre-cut development.
There are many other cases in which know-how of special order products led to development of general purpose products.

1969: Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon.
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