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We are meticulous in our manufacturing from sizing and how to fold to packaging. At the Fukushima Plant and Kumamoto Plant, products are managed by building and consistent production is made from incoming materials to processing and storage.

Contribute to the future of medical treatment and nursing care through collaboration
The Fukushima Plant and Kumamoto Plant are equipped with the latest facilities and inspection equipment which have passed the strictest quality and safety standards not only for sanitary materials but also for medicines and medical equipment. At medical treatment and nursing care sites, highly specialized products across an increasingly wider range of fields will be required in the future. We collaborate with other companies to supply goods that can take on the challenges and solve problems of the sites, which are intricately intertwined.
Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd., FUKUSHIMA Plant

FUKUSHIMA Plant, Base of Eastern Japan

FUKUSHIMA Plant, located in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, is comprised of two buildings, the Alcohol Building and the Management and Sterilization Building, which produce alcohol cotton and treatment kit products, etc.

*At the Alcohol Building of both Plants, permission to handle hazardous substances was obtained and alcohol cotton is manufactured safely.

Hakuzo Medical Technos Co., Ltd., KUMAMOTO Plant

KUMAMOTO Plant, Base of Western Japan

KUMAMOTO Plant, located in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is comprised of a Raw Materials Warehouse Building, Eleze Building, Elephaze Building, Sterilizing Building, Alcohol Building and Office Building, which manufactures gauze products, including medical gauze for operations and treatment and gauze containing X-ray contrast agents and infection control products, including cotton buds with medical solutions, cotton balls containing medical solutions and single packaging alcohol sterilized cotton.

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